Who We Are

We offer both hardware and software support to small businesses, and particularly educational institutions requiring the latest tech to fuel the running of their business. We are a team of seven and with an excellent command of English, and with a combined work experience of over a hundred years.

1 hour turnaround IT SupportTechnical advice when you need it.

When our phones ring, we drop everything and do our best to help the client with a technical situation they’re facing. Whether you’ve got a broken password or the memory drive on your laptop is corrupted, we have the skills and expertise to get things fixed quickly. Using remote software, we can fix a lot of things by telephone these days, but via our stable of trustee Vespa scooters we can also is about to you and come to your place of work to get you back online as quickly as possible. Any kind of website design or maintenance is taken care of by our sister firm over in Brighton. They’re called Barefoot Web.

Our PC maintenance and repair service

One of the cause of our business is supplying computer hardware to corporations. This means we can supply you the latest flat screens and SSD hard drives, or a range of slimline laptops to suit your needs and budget. We have preferential rates some of the top PC suppliers worldwide, which means we can offer you laptop prices that genuinely match the best you’ll find on the Internet. If you’re interesting in some history of our industry, try this.

IT education and training

Another big part of our roles is to actually visit businesses and educate team members on key IT processes. Whether that’s backing up your day’s work to the cloud, running your own in-house antivirus checks, or simply upgrading windows to the latest version this is something we happy to come and talk to you about. Our advice is that a morning or a day’s training can save you a huge amount of money over the long term, so choose a staff member who is reasonably technically savvy and empower them to be your in-house IT boss if your organisation doesn’t have one of these already. That person will prove invaluable to you and, as they getting up to speed, we are always here to help them out. We even offer IT training for students who often find these core skills go with them throughout their education and into the workplace beyond. Ask us about our taster days for university students which are a great gift for your budding academic in the final vacation before their Freshers week.

We take security seriously

one of the fastest-growing aspect of our business involves protecting corporations against a tax and improving cyber security to match the increased worldwide threat. Our internal risk and compliance team offers a bespoke service whereby they’ll visit your place of work and assess possible vulnerabilities. This service will give you a full report outlining our suggestions for increased IT security, including hardware and software requirements, costs, which you can distribute to key stakeholders. For other companies we offer a real-time monitoring service whereby it becomes our responsibility to keep your systems completely up-to-date and, in the event of any breach, respond immediately.